Cabinet Ovens

Gruenberg Oven Company designs and manufactures a complete line of standard as well as custom cabinet ovens to accommodate a variety of thermal processing applications. Cabinet ovens are designed to reach temperatures up to 1200° Fahrenheit and are ideally suited for annealing, aging, core hardening, drying, preheating, curing, and component testing. And, with additional options, they can also be used for applications such as epoxy, plastic, and rubber curing; paint and varnish baking; textile drying; and sterilizing.


  • Heavy-duty, fully-welded, structural steel frame
  • CHIL construction ensures minimal heat transfer from oven chamber to the exterior
  • Side and back walls are removable for easy clean-up and maintenance
  • Doors are constructed using a structural steel frame to ensure sealing integrity
  • Insulation is moisture-proof, non-combustible, non-settling, and asbestos-free
  • Energy-efficient, Incoloy® sheathed, seamless tubular heaters are standard
  • Heating elements are suspended in the plenum adjacent to, but separate from the process chamber so there is no radiant influence on the work in process

Interior of high temperature cabinet oven

450° F cabinet oven

24 cubic foot 400° F economy cabinet oven with vertical airflow,
optional recorder, and optional stainless steel exterior.

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