Custom Ovens

We realize that today's manufacturers sometimes require very specific needs that cannot be addressed by our standard product line. We are confident in our ability to design and manufacture custom equipment specifically to meet any unique production process requiring thermal conditioning, even the most stringent of specifications.

Custom multi-zone oven with vertical serpentine conveyor and forced cool-down zone

R&D Conveyor to test different conditioning formulas for curing, has four temperature zones that heat and cool; each conditioning zone has adjustable air speeds and choice of vertical up or vertical down airflow; the belt speed is adjustable and has acceleration and deceleration as well.

Conveyorized cooling tunnel with bi-flow accumulator

Custom units can include

  • Explosion Resistant Ovens
  • Vertical lift doors on ovens
  • Top-Loading ovens and freezers
  • Chiller and cooling tunnels
  • Sterilizers
  • Granulation Dryers
  • Class 100 conditioning for ovens up to 800º Fahrenheit

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